We are a client driven company having a global perspective. We firmly believe in the power of Resourceful Humans.

In the increasingly complexed scenario where opportunities are tremendous, good human resources are becoming increasingly difficult to hire and retain. We understand that people are the essence of any business and hence requires a highly personal and nurturing approach.

Our team interacts very closely with the client bringing together its grass root knowledge and relevant experience to understand each clients unique philosophy.We follow a rigorous procedure to ensure that people who join our clients have the right mix of attitude, values and skill sets compatible with the client’s culture.


HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing is gaining acceptance rapidly. We at Al-Karimi Consultants are equipped to help organizations focus on their core areasof business which demand their creative and management time. Whether you need to recruit,compensate,motivate or train any key professionals for your organization, Al-Karimi Consultants would be just a phone call distance away.

Contractual staffing / Temporary staffing

Al-Karimi Consultants partners with it’s client to source the requisite personal against manpower staffing requirements. Candidates identified by the customer are brought on board on the rolls of Al-Karimi Consultants. We take care of the statutory obligations including the payroll and the other benefits, thus enabling the client to concentrate on its core business activities.